• Extended CG Portfolio

    CG work not included in my Demo Reel

    Procedural Animation in Houdini

    Using the dot-product method in Houdini, I created a procedural animation of a running mechanical horse.

    Fantastical Lighting

    Personal project just for fun with Maya volumetrics


    This was a personal project I worked on. It's primarily a modeling and texturing project. I created 36 uniquely posed and textured carousel horses for this.

    Character New/Old Texturing Comparison

    A comparison of a 'new' version of a frog versus an old, diseased version made through texturing and shading. Responsible for all aspects.
  • Renderman RIS Flame Plugin

    Here is a render using two custom plugins I programmed for the Renderman RIS renderer in order to shade vdb imported flames from Houdini. The first plugin was to interpret volume and imported vdb attributes to achieve a flame effect. The second plugin is a spline that uses distance to determine color information for the flame plugin. This spline is determined by temperature attributes from the VDB. 
    For a full breakdown, click the image.

    Procedural Python Scenes

    Using python, I have rendered a series of scenes that were created with the algorithms for Sierpinksi's Gasket and Menger Sponge. 

    Custom Slim and RIS Shading Plugins

    A demonstration of how a relatively simple plugin created for either Renderman's Slim or RIS system can be used to create a more complex and varied result using node networks. 
    Click the image for the entire breakdown.

    Procedural Renderman Teapot

    This image was created through custom writing Renderman RIB files to model, shade, and render the teapot. 

    Starting Gate

    This image was created with Pixar's Renderman. The horse models were free from TurboSquid, before I heavily altered and then posed them. 
    Click the image for a full breakdown.
  • Hello, I'm Emily Overfelt

    My name is Emily Overfelt. I received a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Visual Effects with a minor in Technical Direction in 2015.  I am a 3D Shading and Lighting artist with experience in both games and a film production pipeline. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions about my work. Thanks!